Presentations For Clubs

Labrador: Land Where The King Still Reigns

The common impression of the king of sporting fish, the Atlantic Salmon, is that of a threatened species. Not only is this magnificent fish imperiled, common belief is, but so is the pursuit of Atlantics. What if I told you that this perception is wrong? What if I told you that, under less than optimal conditions, I hooked 75 salmon in a week and landed about 28? What if I told you the average day boasted a dozen hook ups? What if I told you that there are also sea run brook trout to 5 or 6 pounds (commonly 2 -3 pounds) swimming alongside these salmon? Together with The New Fly Fisher, Bob Lindquist brings you a presentation, complete with world class video footage, graphics and still photos that demonstrate the actual character and greatness of Atlantic salmon, the genesis of the legend, and what fishing for them should be. The king of fish is not a shy recalcitrant who needs to be finessed to catch. The king is an angry ruler intent on smashing to pieces flies that dare invade its territory.

Baitfish: Elements of Attraction

Loving fishing and growing up on Long Island, spending long stretches of the summer in Montauk, riding the walking dunes in a 55 Willys my grandfather built and that I still own, baitfish abounded and my scientific mind became piqued. My curiosity and obs

Why We Flyfish

Thoreau once said that most fishermen do not even realize that it is not the fish they are after. This presentation works well in monthly meetings but is particularly intended for annual banquets. Created with lofty goals in mind, Why We Flyfish gets at the heart of our obsession.. what we are really pursuing and packs an emotional and spiritual punch, reflecting on life and the threads flyfishing weaves through much of what we do. This presentation has left grown men overcome with emotion and nonflyfishers with an improved understanding of what flyfishing is, what it is not and how it relates to the flyfishers life.

Mayflies 101

There are very few flyfishing principles I will be dogmatic about and fight over . understandings I am so sure are true that I would die on that hill. One of them is that it is critical that you know where in the water column the trout are feeding. To realize the most success, put the fly where it should be and have it come to the fish as they expect to find their food. Mayflies 101 explores, as much as possible based on observing how trout feed and behave, what the trout expects to find when it is feeding and the conditions that often produce a take. A system is then developed that is designed to present superior pattern choices to the trout where and how the expect to find them, thereby increasing success.

Seasons On The Delaware

Everything else is checkers. The Delaware is chess. Mike Bachkosy A flyfishing treasure, the Delaware River has more secrets hidden in its languid flows than imaginable. Join Bob Lindquist on a tour of the seasons on the Delaware that reveals some of the subtle secrets that the Delaware offers the dedicated flyrodder. We will explore Spring trout and legendary hatches like the Hendricksons, Caddis, Golden Stones and Drakes. Next up is the shift into summer, dominated by sulfurs. Late Summer sees warmwater action explode and then caddis and olives are the centers of Autumn dry fly attention. Woven throughout the presentation is the history of the system, the character of the river and essential and proven techniques and flies for one of the greatest freshwater fisheries in the lower 48 states.